Ben Tavener from Curitiba, Brazil — São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade 2014

Socialism is not synonymous with statism. A socialism worth defending must be about radically transferring ownership, power and control to the people

Photo by Hennie Stander on Unsplash

By turning politics into a strategic game, the FPTP system is destructive of real democratic politics & stands in the way of change

Still from BBC News coverage of Election Night 2019

The language of the mob is being used to delegitimse those using the power of social media to fight for social justice

The Churchill statue being defended at a recent Kill The Bill protest in London. (Credit: HUCK Magazine video on Twitter)

Failing to teach students about the history of race and racism robs them of a more sophisticated understanding of history and it excludes and marginalises BME students. This must change.

Children in Brixton lining up to see Queen Mary in 1938

Any analysis of his time as leader must focus on his achievements as well as his failures, not least of which was to decisively shift the debate in British politics to the left

The Prime Minister hides his obvious flaws in plain sight, so why are so many people willing to ignore them?

The existence of billionaires is a symptom of a manifestly unjust society that cannot be justified to those who lose out.

Picture: Chronis Yan/Unsplash

The Labour Party has always been divided between pragmatism and principle. To foment real change, the party must find a way of combining the two by rooting its politics in a radical but realistic response to the current crisis.

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/PA Images

The qualities that served him well in his staggering election victory in 2019 are the same qualities that make him unfit for the task of governing in the current crisis

Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

James Armstrong

Teacher of Politics who has taught Politics, Economics and Philosophy at A-Level and has had a very varied career in the teaching profession

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